A civil Society Organisation has raised an alarm over what they termed as “Massive Fraud” being carried out by the Chief of staff to the Bayelsa State Governor, MR TALFORD ONGOLO.

The Group noted that Mr Talford has questions to answer over the #350 Million Naira collected for the Purchase of Automated Machines for Local Govt staff attendance but failed to buy them, as all Local Govenment Council Contacted said non of such Machine was ever Purchased as Claimed By the Chief of Staff. The Group also highlited that he has questions to answer on the Local Government Training Funds running into Hundreds of Millions. He was also Accused of Misappropriating #20 Million which was handed over to him upon his assumption of office as Chairman LGSC but could not account for the Funds. EHe was also said to have been Extorting 2.5m monthly from the principal officers and always demand or ask them to contribute huge some of money from them whenever he has occasion or personal issues to sort out.

Mr Talford was also accused of extorting Millions of Naira from Principal Officers of Local Government Councils every Month when he was Chairman, LGSC, Bayelsa State Chapter.

The Group has Called for his Immediate Resignation over these cases of Corruption Levelled against him.


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