Bombs Don’t Just Fall Off Jets: Donald Ekpo 

In his open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, Donald asked 7 sensitive questions about Rann Bombing and joined other Nigerians to call for thorough investigation of incident. 

Full letter below 

Bombs dont just fall off Jets, no matter the threat, there are rules of engagement in air strikes, … you fly over areas of threat for confirmation of threat… transmit threat level report to Air Support Command… collect data of coodinates for precision… maneuver for engagement… lock on target.. request permission from Air Command to carry on offensive… You remain locked on to target until Air Command grants permission .. 
Valid Questions are;
1. did the bomb fall off from its locked chambers?
2. Was the IDP Camp mistaken for a Boko Haram camp?
3. Was the reported threat mobile or stationary? 
4. What is the identity of the Jet Pilot.
5. Who granted the last permission for the air strike?
6. Why was it the Army Command that made the release in an accident committed by the Airforce and not the Defense HQ or Airforce Command?
7. Will there be a Court Martial procession for all officers and units involved in these unexcusable and unprofessional conducts?
Donald Ekpo Ikechukwu Iroha


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