​Open letter to President Buhari by the guy Man
@akaebube @tutsy22 @segalink @adeyanjudeji
Buhari! Buhari!! Buhari!!! How many times I tek call you? Sincerely oga Buhari dis country as e be now, e don collapsed finish for ontop your head. As everwhere be now,  me I no know any difference between you and Boko boiz because the thing be say all of una the kill shebi before sef we bin hear sey you even follow for people wey the cari moni give dem? 

For dis great Naija na only three things na im we see sey e the kill now ooooo:
Boko Boiz: Dem the use bomb and gun dem tek the kill kill  innocent people tek the go yonda. We the even still hear sey dem don collect some town for inside Borno and carri dem Flag come put for there as dem still the bomb people the go . Hunger: na im the kill follow Boko boiz for nyash all the country people the cry for dis recession wey you bring come as moni no come dey and wak kuma scarce die like sey tomorrow no dey. Even people wey Boko Boiz poshu comot dem house and place na dem own worse pass, e come mek pikin dem the die anyhow kawai for dere. The janglova wey dey for country sef tire pisin. Jam-Jam: dis e even be like pikin for the hunger for because why? Me I don see pisin wey motor jamam because of sey im no fit run cross road as im body tek weak reach. Even motor the go jam motor. E get one pisin way stole pisin wak for pot ontop fire ooooo as dem bin seeam im wan vemus (run) na im come jam another pisin way im no bin see am tek pour tha hot wak on dem body.  you sef know wetin go shelle for dere.
Be like people close to you no the tell you truth. I no know if you fit giving me your number mek I the call the tell you true things wey the happen for dis country? 
          – Na me be your guy man original hustler. I the salute


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