Bindow:his inferiority and mediocrity – 

  • In a townhall meeting video,  Governor Jibrila Bindow of Adamawa turned down his assent to report investigated Suggesting: money laundering, fraud and systematic corruption in awarding contracts by his predecessors particularly Murtala Nyako. He said all needed to prosecute the fingered and possible  forfeitment and recovering of billions of Naira squandered was his assentment to the report but he would not assent
  • The Governor however questioned the award of 4.3 kilometers (police roundabout to jupujam) at the worth of 2.6 billion Naira and many others by Nyako’s administration 
  • He insists he has been loyal to to those before him and will continue to be, giving only a condition to repudiate.     

      Did the Governor has sole authority over the State and its economy?

      Did he also know that those monies belong to the Good people, the Adamites’?

      I urge the governor to as a matter of good for the State bring out all white papers in his cupboard and assent to them and retrieve us our common wealth for our common good. 

      Bindow deserves to know that he can turn blind eye to his personal business letting everyone of those involved in both misappropriations and illegal spendin of his hard earned means go free and not our collective resources. The worst is him telling us his will not to…..

      Very unfortunate, instead of been loyal to those voted for him;he is only loyal to predecessors. Someone will someday implement the report and the people  will heap sigh of joy with fulfillment and will say thanks to whoever may wield that ruggedness and redeemed the State.

      We expect Mr Bindow to show that courage and political will to walk in the best interest of the his people rather than few elites who destroyed the State over the years but bringing them to justice.  

      As economically dependent as Adamawa,  in a very tough times like now those monies will certainly perform  miracles if/when recovered. For several months, workers are owed by the government of the State yet the Governor does not seemed to have an idea of how to generate resources to foster development of the State and welfare of its people, judging by his recent speeches


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