​Sister gives the greatest gift by acting as surrogate for her brother


  • Ashlee Mataele gave her brother the amazing gift of life this summer, by acting as surrogate for her brother and his partner and giving birth to their baby son.


Ashlee, 30, from Sydney, Australia, decided to help her brother David and his partner of eight years, Brendan, to realize their dream of becoming parents. She made the decision after seeing the heartbreak that the couple had to endure as they desperately pursued their wish to set up a family of their own, with the couple struggling to find a surrogate parent or arrange an adoption. 


  • Then Ashlee put her hands up and stepped forward. “Being a mum has brought me so much joy, I wanted the same happiness for David and Brendan,” said the mother-of-three.


Ashlee discussed her plan with her husband John at great length, messaged her brother and offered to ”cook” their baby for them.


“It took a few days for them to believe I was serious. They couldn’t believe it.”


  • Once the sister’s generous offer sunk in, the whole process started efficiently. Ashlee fell pregnant on her first attempt, using a donor egg fertilized with Brendan’s sperm, and delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 4.28kg on June 4. They named him Rylee.


Rylee is now 16 weeks old and doing well under the care of his doting dads and wider family, while Ashlee is sharing her story to raise awareness about the gift of surrogacy.


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